Should Felons Be Able To Vote?

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Ex felons should be able to vote after finishing probation or parole. voting would help them readjust to everyday life, we let them drive and buy alcohol, so why not let them vote. If we truly want people convicted of felonies to re-engage with society, become rehabilitated, and feel a part of a broader community (thus creating incentives not to recidivate) our state should do everything possible to re-incorporate these individuals into mainstream society.

The number of Americans who cannot vote because they have been convicted of a felon continues to rise. According to the National institute of justice about a quarter of felons are in prison, but the rest have completed their sentences and are on probation or parole. The only reason not to let them vote is to stigmatize them or to continue punishing them. Voting would help ex felons re-engage with society by showing them that they have equal importance in the society, for example ,it shows that their opinion is just as important as anyone else's. Also, this may not always be a good thing. Not all ex felons can be trusted and not all ex felons judgment and credibility can be trusted.
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Most felons who have bad judgment and are a threat to society do not get released from prison. The national institute of justice says The re arrest rate for ex felons within five years of release, about three-quarters (76.6 percent) of released prisoners were rearrested. If we let felons vote and do simple yet important things like that they may not re offend. Once someone becomes a felon in some states they lose the right to vote and can never get it back even if they are done serving their sentence and done paying all of their

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