Feelings: Need and Group

Topics: Need, Value, Want Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: September 10, 2013
1.I have mixed feelings about group work. If I were in a familiar environment with people I know and understand their culture and language, I’ll be more relaxed and will enjoy the group activity. But in a new environment, I feel a little tense as I’m not sure if I fully understand the group members or vice versa (if they can easily understand me). When I was taking accounting classes, we needed to do group work in order to finish the final project; I encountered a different culture and understanding. In my culture it is not appropriate to be confrontational in a discussion. If you want to challenge, you need to be soft. But this cultural understanding was misunderstood as being weak and incompetent, by my friends.

2.My role in the group will be to be understanding and fair for others. I strongly believe in equity but am willing to accommodate the weakness of others. I’m a team player and will be dedicated to finish my responsibility. I want to be an asset for the group not a liability. My weakness might be the language barrier.

3.Yes, I believe I have a we-not-me orientation because I want the group to succeed as one. If I only look out for myself, I fail and also the group as a whole. I am from a collectivist cultural background. In my culture people are more valued than products. Sharing what you have (sometimes sacrificially) and working together for the common good is the custom. When I see myself, I also found these values. I prefer working in a group I believe it is my duty to help those around me and also expect others to be in my side when I need help.
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