Topics: Writing, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Short story Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: June 13, 2013
Is it love or lust is the question we ask ourselves many times in our lives. In the essay “I fell in love, or My Hormones Awakened” written by “Judith Ortiz Cofer”, tells a very similar story. She describes herself as a “skinny Puerto Rican girl” (Cofer 681) that is longing for a boy that is “not Puerto Rican, He is Italian and rich.” (Cofer 680) This boy is older than her; therefore she believes he is out of her league. The girl admirers the boy from a far, while trying to keep it a secret. Even though, she felt foolish in her “awkwardly draped sheet (blouse and shirt required underneath) (Cofer 681) at the banquet, she watch his every move from a distance. Just when the lights went out, he kissed her. At that very moment her dreams came true, only to learn “the kiss was nothing but a little trophy for his ego”. (Cofer 682) By reading this essay you can see that the writer is a secretive, yet understanding person.

The writer of this story is a secretive person. She likes to keep things to herself and not let others know of her feelings and thoughts. When she found out where her love worked, she would visited it as much as possible without letting anyone know her secretive reason for doing so. “My mother could not understand why I became so eager to be the one sent out on her endless errands”, (Cofer 680). The writer never talks about any other friends in her high school knowing of her new found love or what she may think is her new found love.

Not only is the writer a secretive person, but she is a very understanding person as well. She understands in the means that she is rationale. As she pursues the love of her life many times she rationalizes the boys’ behavior. Some people may think by the way she rationalizes the boys behavior is a way of making excuses for him. “The few times I saw him in the hallway, he was always rushing away. It would be long weeks of confusion and pain before I realized that the kiss was nothing but a little trophy...
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