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Topics: Family, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Love Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Overcoming Life’s Trials Through Love
In Judith Ortiz Cofer’s short story “Corazon’s Café,” love is shown throughout the piece of literature. Corazon and Manuel’s love is found to be unconditional despite the trials and tribulations Corazon goes through. Manuel had a dream of opening a bodega in their neighborhood area. Corazon helps him to achieve that dream, but unfortunately later he passes away. Corazon uses the love for Manuel to help her overcome her fears, the losses she experiences, and the loneliness.

Corazon’s mother passes away during her childbirth, which leaves Corazon in her sister’s care. Their father, who favored the bottle, seems to be a harsh man. “Anger and violence were always a possibility when he was home” (Cofer 52). Corazon’s sister Consuelo was secretly engaged because they were afraid of their father, and therefore did not want him to know. The couple made plans to move away after Corazon finished high school; however, a change in plans leaves Corazon alone with an emotionally detached father. Who does she turn to? Where will she go? “She would do anything to be with this man. She felt a sense of destiny, el destino, a powerful force taking over her life” (54). This quote explains that Corazon overcame her fears of her father and followed her heart; where she found unconditional love for Manuel.

Corazon takes on powerful responsibility by offering to take care of Manuel’s mother who is ill. She builds a strong loving bond with her. “Without comment Dona Serena had motioned Corazon over to her and had kissed the fearful child on the cheek” (57). Dona Serena welcomes Corazon with love and affection, something she needs and craves. During her early bonding month with Corazon’s new found mother, she experiences a terrible tragedy; she has a miscarriage, and is made aware that she would never be able to bring a baby to full term. Manuel without fail is by her side and is more loving and caring than ever before. Almost in the same...
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