Feasibility Study

Topics: Customer service, San Pablo City, Customer Pages: 4 (1012 words) Published: February 26, 2013
This Feasibility Study was made possible by the guidance, supervision, cooperation and participation of the following: To the Almighty God who always looks up and secures the safety of the preparers in doing this project. To our parents who always guide and give words of wisdom to inspire us in doing our best in preparing the Feasibility Study as well as giving their both financial and emotional support. To our beloved intelligent Adviser and Business Plan Professor, Ma'am Ma. Rona D. Sahagun, who has greatly shared her knowledge to us with patience and diligence in helping us meet the necessary works for the completion of our Feasibility Study. To the Preparers, themselves who have given lot of efforts and consumed so much time to make the completion of the feasibility study be possible and successful within the given time. Together, we sincerely acknowledge and give thanks the person/s mentioned above who have brought the success of doing this Feasibility Study. We are very grateful for this wonderful accomplishment.

We are in the business of building and strengthening relationships through the art of transforming stuff’s. A specialty store that primarily provides personalizes materials and services. We choose this kind of business primarily because we want to express our ideas through craft of making customized things. We help our clients to make they wants be possible as it is. We named this business “CLASSY GALORE”. CLASSY GALORE is a possessing elegance, the attribute of being tastefully designed, decorated and maintaining refined grace and dignified propriety. A deeper, more meaningful word for 'cool’, because it is the result of your creative concept which is different from others. The uniqueness of “Classy Galore stuff” comes from our own composition and the suggestion coming from our beloved target markets. We are accepting opinions, adding details on stuff’s for a better outcome for its aesthetics. The colorful...
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