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Topics: 19th century, Trousers, Dress Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Fashion is a popular trend that describes a popular clothing style. In the 1800’s fashion in the United States became a very important factor in society that determined the social status, one’s identity depended on what clothes one was wearing. At that time an increase of wealth occurred, therefore, the focus on fashion and appearances also increased, and European countries were influencing it. The economic changes of the country were also a big factor in the evolution of fashion in the 19th century. In the 1860’s outfits of pants, vests, and jackets made of the same fabric were becoming popular among men, because it resembled a well-dressed person who could afford having them made to order. Women preferred white dresses since it was a symbol of status, it meant that they were able to afford staining their clothes because they had the facility to replace them or have somebody wash for them. During the mid 19th century darker colors started to make an appearance and gained popularity among important figures in society. In the late1890’s sport’s wear began to make an appearance however, it was not considered important for women to excel in any sport so clothes made to practice sports were designed mainly for men. The Revolutionary War influenced the way man dressed; they preferred an outfit that was suitable for horseback riding. Napoleon Bonaparte who was crowned Emperor in 1804 and made France a leader of fashion and design innovations also influenced the way people dressed in the United States. He revived the lace industry so that other fabrics could continue their production. Bonaparte was a great promoter of the French economy through fashion. The high wasted dresses also known as Empire style dresses were making a big impact in the early 19th century and had some Muslim influences. Women usually wore long uncomfortable but modest skirts and multiple layers on top to create an also modest high neckline. Some of the accessories they wore were hats...
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