Farming in Denmark

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Denmark is located in the Central Northern part of Europe. It is part of the Scandinavian countries, thus it has a relatively cold weather all year long.
75% of Denmark's land is used for farming. Because of it's export of agricultural and industrial produce, it enjoys one of the highest standard of living in the world.
This case study is meant to study the farming in Denmark.
Types of Farming:

Denmark is divided into 3 areas: Jutland, Fyn, and Zealand. Farming is found in all of those areas.
Denmark's types of farming are: Dairy farming, Crop farming, Animal farming, and Mixed farming
In Jutland, the least intensive farming is found. There they mainly grow rye, oats, and potatoes. Pasture land is also found there.
In Fyn and Zealand, the most Intensive farming is found. There they grow cereals with root crops, and pigs.
Some areas in Jutland and Fyn are also used for mixed farming.
Is the Land Suitable for Farming?:

Denmark's land wasn't very fertile in the Nineteenth century. It had Sandy soils in the West and Clay land in the East. The government invested a lot of money into making those lands fertile.

The low lying and relatively flat land in Denmark added to the existing fertile soils, and partially favorable climate (Winter frosts + Warm and sunny summer with rainfall over the average) makes Denmark ideal for cereal farming. Up till the 1870's, Denmark was a major exporter of wheat and barley. But eventually, it had to diversify due to hard competition. That was when it realized the high demand for dairy products in foreign countries (mainly Britain), thus it started to export dairy products along with cereals. This meant it had to rely on pasture land for rearing animals

Today, Denmark's land is typical for the types of farming found there. The land remains ideal for cereal farming. Pasture land is also found for cattle....
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