Farewell School

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The last day in our school life is an indelible memory with sweet memories of our school life. It is a record of pleasant memories that occupy a special place in our life. Though it is a traditional affair, it has a very deep impact on the students who are leaving their "alma mater" after a period of studies there. The memories of my school farewell day still linger in my mind with ever fresh emotions.

The Farewell Day

It is a day of excitement. I am going to have different way of life. So far, for the past twelve years of high school studies, everyday it dawned with the thoughts of studies and home work. But from tomorrow onwards I will have different kinds of thoughts and burdens. No homework of writing pages of answers. My friends Mani, Kumar, Saru and Joe will have different plans which I may not be able to join. I may not be able to spend hours and hours with them in combined study. This very thought about them brought tears in my eyes.

Farewell Party

My teachers and the school authorities have arranged for a farewell party. I remember the party of the of the previous year, when our seniors handed over the lighting candles symbolically asking us to keep up the tradition of the school and bring glory and fame to the school and students. They loved us and wept bitterly when they passed on the light to us. But I could not meet any of them afterwards. That is the beauty of life. To meet, to love and then to depart! Is it the fate of life? On the day of the farewell party we exchanged our feelings and emotions and the party came to an end with some light snacks.

Farewell To Our Teachers

I still remember the farewell advice given by the head of our school. It should be the "Magna Charta" of every student. It suits all ages though it is quoted from the Taittireya Upanishad, a part of the Vedas. This advice had been passed on from generation to generation. The fifteen points he mentioned should be followed by every student.

The Fifteen Points of...
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