The Last Year of My School

Topics: Change, English-language films, Educational psychology Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Here comes the last year the last year of my school
Soon the innocent teenage hood will turn into harsh adolescence. It feels good to be in the last year but at the same time this thought scares me too.
The ending of this will bring end to a lot of things.
These days will never come back again and all the fun we had, Soon will be called as the unforgettable memories of school life, Which I will miss the most.
All the stupid fights for stupid reasons,
Making fun of each other and others of course, buttering the teachers Just so that they give us some extra credits and each and every little thing I will miss it a lot.
Though 10th standard still tops in my best classes list,
the unbeatable fun we had,
Can’t even express it.
Ah! The best days I must say.
Even now when I see my 10th standard photograph tears come rolling on my cheeks, So much has changed.
Friends, their behavior, their way of treating and greeting. But changes are good. Aren’t they?
And so much is going to change again.
Different colleges, different places, strange dreams and new friends. What ill never forget will be these 14 years I have spent,
With some amazing bunch of idiots and superb mentors
Ill always cherish my school life.
This year will soon end leaving both tears and happiness in everybody’s eyes But with a promise that we will never forget each other and will stay in touch always. Here comes the last year,
The last year of my school.
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