To Forever Reminisce the Unforgettable

Topics: Wendell Phillips, High school, Debut albums Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: March 29, 2011
As I mature, I begin to fathom and realize that we are continually waging war against time. Time. All of us, in at least one trice in our life, wanted to sojourn or hasten time. We wanted to live one moment forever. And sometimes, we want to expunge an instance in our lives that we revile and berate. But life is not a DVD which we could pause or fast forward with just a single click of a remote. After all is said and done, we could still say that time has won in this hostility.

Sometimes, that is how I deem in my days in the school. I can say that high school was a bittersweet experience. There are times when high school life turns out to be cantankerous and I wish I could let this moment pass. But there are also times when it becomes to pleasurable and I wanted it to go ad infinitum. But despite all this the best bequests that I shall inherit from Divine Light Academy are the erudition and the memories.

As Wendell Phillips said,”Every man meets his Waterloo at last.” Each of us is destined to bid goodbye to this world and to something eventually. Saying goodbye is a hard thing to do, especially to this school, but I shall never be unable to summon up the times I have disbursed and the reminiscence I have apportioned with my school mates, mentors and with the school. As I bid my last addio, as I say my last abschied, as I utter my last valediction to this institution, I shall be fortified and strengthened by the memories I shared. As uttered by Isadora Duncan, “Farewell, my friends, I go to glory.”
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