Family Genogram

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PSYC 2103 Genogram Project

A genogram is a type of family tree, but with more detailed information. It is often used as a diagnostic and assessment tool by physicians or counselors to obtain individual and family history in order to help in the establishment of a diagnosis and treatment plan.

This semester, you will have the opportunity to construct a family genogram for informational purposes. You will develop a genogram, documenting information from both sides of your family (maternal and paternal) for 4 generations starting with yourself. The genogram may be hand drawn or you may use a computer drawn one. (You can download a basic program from or from ) Your genogram should be as thorough as possible showing all siblings in each generation (you do not have to show great grandparents’ siblings). You may expand each family unit within each generation as much as you like (cousins, etc). Expansion is only expected if needed to show any family patterns that you find and discuss. If you have a situation in which limited information (or none) you will still need to chart the basic family units for that side of the family and put a note on your genogram that little or no information was available.

You are to show at least 10 patterns of characteristics within your family. To constitute being a pattern, the characteristic must show itself in three separate generations on the same side of the family. (There are a few exeptions to this such as alzheimers and twins so ask). You will us colors or symbols on your genogram to show the characteristics. You will also have a key on your genogram explaining what each color or symbol represents. Please use symbols and colors (no dots please) that can be easily distinguished from one another. Please do not use letters. Other than this, you are to use normal genogram format. Each person on your genogram should be identified by at least his or her first name, and by age or birth year. (You should be consistent throughout) If any of these are unknown, designate with a question mark (?). Creativity is acceptable only if it does not detract from the ability to read the genogram. When completed, your genogram should present your family and it’s characteristics in such a way that anyone could look at it and understand the relationships, patterns, and other information about your family. (The paper you will write in addition to this should not be needed to understand your genogram!)

Your genogram should be no smaller than on an 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper and no larger than a standard size poster board. You may use the foam board or the folding presentation board if you wish. You can also use butcher paper and roll it up. If you use a computer program, it will print your genogram across several pieces of paper that will need to be taped together and then folded. If you choose to show each side of your family on a separate sheet, draw the genograms so that they can be placed side by side and be made into one large, cohesive genogram. Do not put one side of family on one side and and other side of family on opposite side of a single sheet of paper or poster board! Your key should not be on the opposite side as well! Deductions will apply if you do this.

Once you have drawn your genogram, you are to write a paper about the patterns that you discovered in your family. You are expected to talk about all the patterns that you show on your genogram in your paper. As you write about these, you should comment on whether you believe these are the result of nature or nurture and why. The paper is to be written in APA style using the 5th edition of the APA Publication manual. It should be at least 1000 words, not counting the title page. Any papers with less than 1000 words will receive a 5 point deduction. You do not need to include an abstract page as is normal with APA papers. All the characteristics and patterns discussed...
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