Family and Busy City Life

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Ramoji Film City Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: August 18, 2013
The busy city life often abandon's one from the nature's inevitable beauty. Eventhough me & my family do not get quality of time to spend with each other but we enjoy each and every minute we get to it's fullest.

Once I visited Hyderabad in India with my parents and grandparents. Later my cousins joined us there. I cherish those memories and time spent with my family till date. I visited and saw many beautiful places. I visited a lake known as 'Husain Sagar'. It was such a beauty with a statue of ' Gautam Buddha' built in the midst which enhanced it's beauty. The city is decorated with trees and greeneries which adds to it's freshness and makes the climate very easily adaptable. The food is also very different in the city and also the nature of people which is very humble and sweet. I visited a garden called 'Lubini Park' which had been really adventurous not only for me but also for all those people who were with me. It was indeed a memorable visit. I visited it with my uncle and cousins. It was an unplanned visit which saved our lives. We weren't to visit the park but the lazer show instead, but changed our minds because my uncle insisted. It was only then we came to know about the blast fiasco, which had occured the exact moment when we changed our minds to Lubini Park at the eleventh hour, when we returned back home on a news channel. Ofcourse it was a stroke of luck which saved our lives.

One more adventure which I had in the same town when I guided my grandpa home. Actually it was a fine morning in Hyderabad, me and my grandfather started for a walk since my grandfather loves to have walks. It was a indeed a wonderful walk with him as he told me his old stories and experiences. We enjoyed the cold breeze and the misty air. But soon in our amusement we lost our way and got confused. The town was new for both of us and we didn't knew where to go or which way to take. But since I've been quite observing, I knew some landmarks to our house. And so I...
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