Family and Social Situation

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Due date: See course outline
Prepare a genogram of a minimum of three generations of your own family. If you have children, your genogram will include four generations (i.e., it will include your children). Include your grandparents and parents as well as your own generation (yourself and siblings, if applicable). Include your partner/spouse. You need to include those members of your (and your partner’s, spouse’s, ex-spouse’s, etc.) family who have been and/or are significant in your life. You need to diagram each individual (e.g., grandparent’s siblings), but you will not need to have detailed information about each family members. It may be of interest to lean why you do not know much about particular family members.

If you have questions specific to your family, please see me individually. We will discuss the assignment in class.

This assignment is designed to give you practice in completing a genogram and to be an exercise in continued self-awareness. 1. Thoroughly MAP your family structure. Use the symbols and guidelines discussed in class and in readings. 2. Record important information directly on the genogram. Include dates and categories of significant family events, such as births, deaths, marriages, divorces, separations, “comings-together/living-together”, formations of relationships, graduations, military service, hospitalizations, serious illnesses or injuries, changes in residence, moving patterns and traumatic experiences.

Also include strengths, successes and joyous occasions/events.

This is NOT a complete list. You want to consider events and qualities that characterize your family.

3. Write a succinct synopsis of the personal characteristics of the most significant family members in your experience. Briefly describe how you have been impacted by these individuals and their characteristics.

Attach a sheet of paper with this information on it.

4. Thoroughly draw/diagram family relationships.
In addition to indicating the nature of relationships with the appropriate lines, briefly characterize the relationships within your family (directly on the genogram). Write one or a few words that describes the relationships. 5. Develop a chronology (from past to present) of significant events in your family’s and your lives. The chronology can be written in the margins of your genogram or detailed on a separate piece of paper. Describe how you think you have been affected by the most significant events. Think about the significant events – not just regular events such as dates and marriages.

BE SURE TO THOROUGHLY AND COMPLETELY ADDRESS ALL PARTS OF THIS ASSIGNMENT. In preparing your own genogram, you are to use the basic style and format presented in class and in the readings. If you develop a format better suited to your family experience, you must create a legend/key of that format on your genogram.

Be sure to include the date you completed the genogram and your name on your diagram (e.g., in the right hand lower corner)

Please refer to the syllabus for information about how the genogram will be graded. My purpose is certainly NOT to judge your family or you but to see that you have a beginning, working knowledge of genograms as an assessment and self-awareness tool. I also am interested in seeing that you have considered the impact of your family experience on you as a person and as a professional.

Remember: the genogram must be completed on poster board or large pieces of paper so that it (and the eco-map, too) are not squashed. You cannot use 8.5” X 11” or 8.5” X 14” sized paper. Use a large enough piece of paper or poster board to accommodate your family diagram.

Note: if there is someone (or more) that you consider family but who is not a blood relative, please include him/her on your genogram.

In addition to diagramming your family structure (describe in 1-5 above), you are to answer the questions on the following pages.

Submit your diagram and...
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