Failed Marketing Strategy of General Motors in India

Topics: Strategy, Marketing, Strategic management Pages: 5 (1539 words) Published: March 14, 2011
Research Title
“A research on failed marketing strategy of General Motors in India; and recommendation for successful strategy implementation”. Research Aim and objectives
This research aims to find out the failure reason of General Motors Marketing strategy in India and recommend suitable strategy for successful implementation. Objectives
To review the extant theoretical frame works and conceptual models related to Marketing strategies in developing countries. To investigate the failure reasons of strategy implementation of GM in India To examine the various ways for successful Marketing strategy implementation. To recommend the suggestion for improving the marketing practice. Research Question

What are the factors associated with failed and successful strategies?

General motors is one of largest auto makers in the world. Since 1908 they kept their ranking on the top level. It employs 209000 employees in 31 countries. And they have branches and business dealings more than 120 countries. In the last century, GE’s strategy was best among the industry, and those strategies are become a model for modern companies for developing strategies. Many auto makers are forming and strengthening alliance with Japanese car makers in order to penetrate fast growing Asian market. The speed with which the new strategies delivered results indicates that the company’s successes were not due to a major new product or service launch, major new capital investment, or even the development of new intangible and “intellectual assets”. In this fast moving economy, organisations need to develop strategies according to the different situation. In this competitive world, organisations need to develop competitive strategies for survival. So all failed strategies are a new lesson for other companies. So here they are getting the chance of learning and development. Here researcher analyse the drawback of GM’s marketing strategy in India and try to recommend some good marketing strategies with the help of modern strategic theories, which will help the organisation become success in Indian market. Limitations

This research has few drawbacks like any other research. First of all, face to face interviews could not conducted, which could have given more accurate information. Because this research incident happened in India. Limited number of participant in this research also need to consider as a limitation of this research. Moreover integrity of participant been questioned, as few of them were seems to have bit of fear and hesitation for giving details. So these answers may not be correct. Back Ground of the Study

Strategies are back bone of the business. By the end of twentieth century, progress in information technology had become the strongest and most pervasive force for strategic change in business throughout the world. Generic international marketing strategies include ways of entering foreign markets which are broadly similar to strategies used in the domestic market and other strategies adapted for various reasons to the requirement of foreign market. Year of 2009 witnessed lot mergers and 2010 witnessed corporate collapse due to the economic downturn. So need for the suitable strategy always exist in the business. Companies started learning from the market. Here GM’s failure in marketing strategy introduction in India was a lesson for other companies and corporate. Many companies are successful in international markets because they avoid market entry barriers by changing the accepted business structure. They offer competitive product through different distribution channels, the internet or direct marketing, thereby passing foreign wholesalers and agents. Perhaps a more powerful alternative strategy is to build more reliability in to the firm’s product which can overcome service network barriers. While most successful firms adopt a strategic approach in international markets, some firms enter them in an opportunistic...
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