Tvs Motors

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 Executive Summary
 Theoretical Framework
 Objective of the Study
 Limitation of the Study
 Company Profile
 Milestones of the Company
 The Major Products
 Research Methodology
 Group Companies
 Company at Present and in Future
 Marketing Strategies adopted by TVS
 Conclusion
 Bibliography


Ever since man evolved into social animal he felt the need for “Transportation.” As he formed a civilization he felt the need for “Better Transportation.” Today on the threshold of exploring the universe he feels the need for “Best Transportation.”

Truly the modern world relies on transport which can be airways, roadways, railways and on water. Bicycle was the most important part of road transportation in early days and as the scenario changed bicycle was transformed into a fast, stylish and trendy mode of transport known as Motorcycle, now-a-days known as Motorbike.

The topic of the project is “Marketing Strategies adopted by automobile industry taking TVS Motors for comparison.” TVS Motor Company is one of the leading bike manufacturers in India. For the study, secondary data is collected from business newspaper, magazines, company brochures, journals and the Internet. The major conclusion from this study was that TVS has to improve itself to gain the first position in the market as it is doing well to maintain its third position in the market.

In terms of competition, TVS has nick-to-nick competition with Hero Honda and Bajaj. TVS has a lot of work to do if it has to take lead and remain the leading manufacturer in India. This report incorporates sincere efforts to submit the best possible dossier on the topic assigned because no study can be perfect. There are bound to be limitations that I faced and within which I had to work.


In economics, a market is a natural social structure developed by any economic or economically-oriented, human interaction to facilitate

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