Factors for Motivating Employees Worksheet

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Salary is not the most important factor in motivating employees Motivation is the most important problem, facing business today (Watson, 1994) because motivation influences the performance of employees in a company which can affect the production and efficiency of the company. Discovering vital elements that affect motivation can be exceedingly useful in business, since a motivated workforce will function more efficiently and reduce labor costs (The Times 100, 2010). Motivation is in correlation with many elements among which salary appears to be the most important one; however, motivation has strong correlations with sense of achievement, responsibility, opportunities, sense of challenge and appreciation of hard work other than salary, according to The Times 100 (2010). Although salary is proved to be important stimuli, I believe that on the average level, salary is not the most important element of motivation at present. Motivation factors can be divided into two different types: satisfiers and hygiene factors (Herzberg, 1959) which include salary; on the other hand, achievement, responsibility, promotion and growth belong to satisfiers (The Times 100, 2010). Herzberg believed that employees can be wholly motivated through the combination of satisfiers and hygiene factors. If employees have decent salary but feel no sense of achievement and responsibility, their performance could be inefficient, thus, affect the business of a company. Moreover, on the basis of a research conducted by Pinto (2011) in Laureate International University, wages have no significant influence in motivation and job satisfaction, which gives hint that in some situation satisfiers are in a more important position; the research is reliable because it includes different...
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