Pmbok Integration and Scope Management

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Date: 13th March 2011

Q1: What role does PMBOK play in project integration management?

Role of PMBOK in Project Management

* Defines Project Integration Management
* Explains & represents how Project Integration management encompasses the other (Scope, Cost, Time, Quality, Communication, Human Resources, Risk and Procurement management) knowledge areas and coordinates with all processes (Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & control and closing) involved in the project life cycle. * Explains the strategic role of project integration management in making choices about the resources allocation, making trade-offs. * Defines 6 Elements; the Input, Tools and techniques & the output of each Element & the factors to be addressed as follows:

Note: Inputs & Outputs have been taken from PMBOK guide
Essential elements and Remarks are based on my understanding from the course notes.

Q2: What are the main outcomes of the activities of project integration management and project scope management as defined by PMBOK?

Outcomes of Project integration management

Outcomes of Project Integration management are effective project coordination from initiation phase to the closing phase.

* Breaking the complex project to simple and easier elements called Work Breakdown structure WBS. This process also enhances the accuracy of the overall output as greater attention is paid to the smallest details. * Integrates all WBS elements with inbuilt quality audits and controls * Documents & networks all requirements, resources & their allocation, Data collection points and modes, Report generation, risk monitoring and controlling, milestones, performance measurement. * Effectively coordinates and executes the accepted plan with precise control on Cost, time & expected performance. * Communicates project status information to the management and respective project groups to the desired level of details. * Continuously compares project status with the scope and controls the project scope within the boundaries defined. * Manages...
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