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Topics: Motivation, Psychology, Health care Pages: 1 (249 words) Published: December 3, 2014
What impact do benefit offerings have on marketplace competitiveness and the ability to attract and keep quality employees? I believe that not too long ago, what an organization had to offer in benefits was a major factor in competing for the best employee, but now with being dropped such as health care, retirement etc.; pay as become the most important factor, for now most have to pay for these completely out of pocket or go without. With good benefits an employee's physical and mental health are better, increased morale, satisfy one's basic needs, when benefits rely on performance organizations find better behaviors and performance results, etc. ; benefits "can yield a significant return in terms of talent attraction, motivation, retention, and increased productivity" (Youssef, 2012). Do you think pay is the primary motivating factor for most job applicants and existing employees? I do think pay is the primary factor, benefits will not pay the bills; many jobs such as child care, teaching etc. to not pay much, but most will probably look for the best pay they can get in a particular field. If by chance benefits are offered then it would depend on the individual need such as health care-for someone that need might be greater to have the benefit and a little less pay. Sometimes I think existing employees stay even with lack of pay and/or benefits for fear of not being able to get something better. Youssef, C., (2012).  Human Resource Management.  San Diego,  CA:  Bridgepoint Education, Inc.
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