Facing the Giants

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● He convinces his determined team of underdogs that there’s nothing they can’t accomplish with a faith, including the miracle of a winning season when all hope seems lost.

▲ Coach finds that in order to succeed he must convince his team that there’s more to sports than fame and glory in an inspirational tale of courage on the gridiron and the power of God’s word.

● He is able to inspire his remaining football players to completely change their 畯汴潯湡⁤湥扡敬琠敨潴愠捣浯汰獩⁨畭档洠牯⁥桴湡愠祮湯⁥桴畯桧⁴潰獳扩敬മ഍名敨洠癯敩椠⁳整汬湩⁧獵猠浯瑥楨杮‬潳outlook and enable them to accomplish much more than anyone thought possible.

The movie is telling us something, something that we will treasure a lifetime. There are a lot of movies nowadays that will just leave us stunned and give us some laughters, but without lesson. Facing the giants is not like those movies.

First, the title itself. The title is really encouraging that we have to face the giants. And what are these giants? Maybe to some it is fear, pain, peer pressure, family and all sorts of giants that make us so small. But in the movie, it says that we have to face it but together with GOD. And that’s what makes us different. In order to face the giants in our lives, we have to have GOD on our side. We cannot face this giants all by ourselves alone..

So friends, learn from the movie. Face the giants with GOD on our side, and we will really be able to face it!. (

✓ Faithful
✓ Courage
✓ Determination
✓ Aggressiveness
✓ Patience

▲ In his search of the scriptures he rediscovers that GOD helps those who rely upon him and he completely changes his mindset about football and about winning and losing. The coaches life immediately starts to improve when he puts his priorities into their proper place and aligns his life with God’s plan.

( Facing the Giants


( The Movie
[pic] Lessons Learned
▲ Intervention
● Outcome
( Facts...
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