Facility Layout

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Facility Layout

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Operation Management -EMD

Instructor: Dr. Hussein El Behery

Aya Elsobky


i. Introduction 3 ii. Layout objectives 4 iii. The needs for layout decisions 4 iv. Factors affecting Layout 5
v. Layout types
a. Product layout
b. Process layout
c. Fixed position layout
d. Cellular layout (new) 6 - 9 vi. Conclusion 10 vii. Applying on case 11 viii. References 12

I. Introduction:
In this paper we will be discussing the facility layout. In which we will try to define it and know its objectives, factors that affect it and the different layout types.
First we will start by trying to define and understand what facility layout is. Facilities are defined as the workspace and equipment needed to carry out the operations of the organization. This includes offices, factories, computers, and trucks. The location, design, and layout of an organization ' facilities are central to maximizing the efficiency of the overall operations system.
Layout decisions entail determining the placement of departments, work groups within the departments, workstations, machines, and stock-holding points within a production facility. The objective is to arrange these elements in a way that ensures a smooth work flow (in a factory) or a particular traffic pattern (in a service organization). In general, the inputs to the layout decision are as follows:
1. Specification of the objectives and corresponding criteria to be used to evaluate the design. The amount of space required, and the distance that must be traveled between elements in the layout, are common basic criteria.
2. Estimates of product or service demand on the system.
3. Processing requirements in terms of number of operations and amount of flow between the elements in the layout.
4. Space requirements for the elements in the layout.
5. Space availability within the facility itself, or if this is a new facility, possible building

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