Face on the Milk Carton

Topics: Family, English-language films, Truth Pages: 4 (663 words) Published: May 14, 2008
This story is about a teenage girl named Janie Johnson, she’s been living

a perfectly normal life, until she sees a picture of a missing three year old girl,

on a milk carton named Jennie spring, who was kidnapped from a shopping

center in new jersey. the girl looks surprisingly familiar to her, the one thing

that stands out the most was her dress. She later realizes that the person on

the milk carton is herself. She begins to have flash backs and memories of her

childhood, and she remembers small details about her family. At this point

Janie is very confused and doesn’t know whether to think of her loving parents

as kidnappers, or consider the fact that the whole situation could be a big

misunderstanding. Soon janies situation started affecting her school work, and

social life, she became so obsessed wit the situation that she couldn’t

concentrate at all. As the story progressed, Janie wanted more answers, she

wanted to know why she had no birth certificate, or why she didn’t have any

photographs taken of her until she was five years old, she wasn’t ready to ask

her parents about it, so instead she decided to find information regarding her

past somewhere in the house. Janie found a trunk in the attic that was full of

papers, and pictures of a girl named Hannah, and all the way at the bottom of

the trunk, was a dress. The same dress that the girl on the milk carton was

wearing. Janie had a neighbor named reeve, one morning they were riding to

school, and they decided to ditch and drive around. They lived in Connecticut,

and Janie wanted to drive down to new jersey, because that is where jenny

spring was kidnapped from. She ended up explaining everything to reeve, who

found it hard to believe, throughout the sorry Janie was constantly getting

flashbacks of her childhood, remembering random moments with her “real”

family in new jersey. That night when Janie got home,...
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