Expository-Migration and Change

Topics: Australia, Immigration, Refugee Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Chance means change.
For decades, thousands of migrants arriving in Australia, all face the same dilemma, how do I live here? With such a different environment and lifestyle to get accustomed to, how can a person adjust themselves to a new way of life after living their whole life somewhere else? But does it matter? Migrants have a free choice. They come and stay if they see what they like, if not they take the next flight back to wherever. But for the most part, those migrants won’t see what they could have here. It seems more and more migrants are coming into Australia to settle and 16 –year-old, Wendy Chan, who recently arrived in Melbourne south, is no exception. Wendy is currently trying to adjust to her new home with a care-free approach. She does not take any harsh feelings in moving to Australia, and even though the language barrier is difficult to overcome, she is trying her best because she found this journey to be enjoyable. “I go to an intensive English language school and I made a few friends. Everyone is very friendly.” By being able to attend school and learn about the new home and culture that they live in, migrants would be able to adjust easily into their new society, making their experience more enjoyable and worthwhile. Because of this, the number of migrants makes up 25% of the population of Australia (2009) and is increasing as the years go by (The Australians Bureau of Statistics). Thus, meaning that migrants are warming up to the Australian way and is likely to want to settle as permanent residents. But this is not the case with other individual migrants. When asked about other migrants; “Everyone is from different places and all our English is about the same level, so we get along pretty well.” Wendy sees that other migrants are in the same boat as her and is treated decently, but unfortunately some migrants are treated quite the opposite. They get cussed, pushed, bullied, and denied their right as seen on the 2005 Cronulla beaches,...
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