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Topics: Energy, Wind power, Renewable energy Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Physics 1003 Experiment Report

In this experiment, the technician began with the demonstration of solar energy. Solar energy is the conversion of light energy to electrical energy by using solar panels. Solar panels are devices that contained solar module which use light energy from light to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect. And photovoltaic modules generate electricity from a frequency of light. From my observation of the experiment, I found that the panel is black in colour which may help the absorption of light energy through conduction or radiation in order to boost the efficiency. The technician focused light onto a solar energy torch. Once there was light, the torch lighted up. When no light, the light has gone out. I think using solar energy torch as an example is very funny. Because once there is light, you simply do not need that torch. It really attracts my attention. Secondly is the demonstration of fuel cell. Fuel cell combines hydrogen and oxygen as the fuel which converts chemical energy to electrical energy through a redox reaction. It is a very clean energy with no pollution to the environment, which means that water and heat is the only by-product. Besides its fuel, hydrogen, is very cheap. Although in the demonstration the technician used electrolysis of water to extract hydrogen, in reality we can obtain hydrogen in a cheap way by converting methane. However fuel cell is still not commonly use in our daily life because the storage of hydrogen is very expensive and dangerous. In the era of environmental friendly, I suggested that this kind of low pollution energy will be enormously use around the world in an attempt to reduce the global issues like acid rain, global warming, melting of ice in the pole etc. Last but not the least is wind power. Wind power converts wind energy to kinetic energy and electrical energy ultimately which used a wind turbine to capture the wind power. From the experiment, when the...
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