Experiment 1: Colligative Properties of Solution

Topics: Water, Colloid, Melting point Pages: 4 (1956 words) Published: May 17, 2015
Date: December 03, 2013

Locker 21
Vanessa Olga Dagondon
Christine Anne Jomocan
Janica Mae Laviste Nablo
Ken Menez

Results and Discussion
The first part of the experiment aims to differentiate the different dispersion systems. In this experment, three systems are introduced: true solution, colloidal dispersion and coarse mixture. The said three systems are classified through a property of colloids known as the tyndall effect or the scattering of light. In the experiment, three solutions were prepared and they are as follow: fitered NaCl solution, cooked starch solution and uncooked starch solution. All of these solutions were mixed thoroughly. A beam of light (coming from a flashlight) was then focused in all the solutions. The behavoir of light when directed on the following systems will determine which is which. The observation are summarized in the table below. Table 1.1

True Solution

Colloidal Dispersion
(cooked starch)

Mixture (uncooked starch)


Colorless and clear

Colorless and clear

Cloudy with dusty like
particles in sight

Visibility of Particles

Not Visible



Effect of a Beam of Light

No effect

Light scattered

Light scattered

Particle Size

< 1nm

1nm to 1mcu

> 1 mcu (1 micron)

The NaCl soloution is true solution. Based on the table, there was was no effect after the beam of light was focused on the solution. The light did not pass, thus it does not possess the property of the tyndall effect. It was also noted that no particles were visible. Just like the NaCl solution, the cooked starch solution is also clear. However, some particles are visible and the beam passed through it and as observed, the light scattered, thus proving the property of tyndall effect and its existence as a colloidal dispersion. Last, the uncooked starch has the largest particle size...
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