Topics: Miguel López de Legazpi, Philippines, Manila Pages: 3 (492 words) Published: August 15, 2013
-saavedra (1527-28) namatay sa sariling kawal
-Alvaro de saadvedra
Able to reach mindanao but they were not able to land
.all was DUBBED AS DISASTROVs EXPEDITIOn by the king of spain

-Villalobos Expedition
-Ruy Lopez Villalobos
.mission: to find the spice island
.on november 1, 1524 he left Mexico

.to resolve this problem, he directed bernados dela torre to tanday (samar) island to look for food. .the chieftain of tanday (Makandala)
.in gratitude to Makandala, Villalobos named samar as Filipinas in honor of king philip II of spain the son of king Charles
.then they resume their mission but later on they were caught by fortuges

Legazpi’s Expedition
.king Philip of spain planned the expedition due to the following reason: .to secure spice
To discover a route back to mexico across the pacific
.the expedition would follow the path that villalobos expedition have used. Treaty of Saragosa
-An agreement between spain and purtugal over Moluccas island -singed by the king of spain and putugal on april 22 1529
-potugal paid 350,00 ducats to spain

Saling Away
.before the part of mexico the handed a scaled letter

The Captain
.heade by Miguel lopez de legazpi
.a native of mexico
.a relative of a friar
.2 galleon ship
.flag ship: San pedro & San lucas
.380 men
. 5 Augustinian friars

Arrival in the Pacific
.While sailing the ship san lucas suddenly disappeared
.1st landed in cebu
.established the 1st Spanish settlement
.When the group arrived in cebu the cebuano’s were defiant .A skicmish broke out between the men of topaz

1st Spanish settlement
.triagular in shape
.2 side facing the sea and the 3rd facing the land
.named the place sa Miguel
Renamed later as santisimo nom bre de jesus (most holy name of jesus) .as present it is known as fort san pedro

-the problem
.in cebu Miguel lopez de legazpi faces several problems like shortage of food supply not to mention the harassment by the...
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