Exotic Fruits

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Title: Exotic Fruits
Aims and Objectives
* To investigate on the general trend of exotic fruits consumption among participants. * To inquire about the main exotic fruits on the local market and to find out the different types of exotic fruits. * To investigate on the nutritional content of exotic fruits. * To find out the different ways of cooking exotic fruits. * To compare:

* How economic, exotic fruits are compared to imported fruits. * Their advantages and disadvantages in the diet.
* Easily available and easy to plant in the garden.
* What are exotic fruits?
* What is the consumption of exotic fruits in Mauritius?
* What are the different types of exotic fruits?
* What is the nutritional value of exotic fruits?
* Agriculture of exotic fruit in Mauritius
* What are the different ways of cooking exotic fruits?
Methods of research:
1. Survey the markets, street stalls, shops- to see which exotic fruits are mostly available during several months. 2. Interview a range of local people of different social and economic groups. Interview people involved in planting these fruits.

3. Ask a selection of individuals to record what they eat for a few days and then analyze the intake of how much exotic fruits they eat? During a week for example. 4. Research the effect of different methods of preparing and methods cooking and methods of preserving these exotic fruits- fresh, dry, canned, frozen…. 5. Tasting panel- Prepare different dishes rich in exotic fruits and set up tasting panel to evaluate their acceptability. Collate the data collected and present it graphically- For example: A tart containing only exotic fruits such as banana or papaya compare to a tart with only imported fruits such as strawberries. Reasons for choices:

1. I prefer eating exotic fruits such as mango, banana than imported fruits such as strawberry, blueberry or an apple. 2. They are easily found all around...
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