Fruit and Tin Foil

Topics: Fruit, Apple, Banana Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: May 6, 2013
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Question of Interest-
Out of tin foil, a plastic baggy and saran wrap, which preserves a piece of fruit the best after a week? Population of interest-
The population of interest is the pieces of fruit we are using. The fruit is what we are experimenting on. Experimental Design-
For our experiment, we chose three types of fruit to put into the three different wrappings. We did this so that we could have replication. The fruits we used were strawberries, apples and bananas. We put each fruit into a piece of saran wrap, tin foil and a plastic baggy. We put all of the fruit inside of the refrigerator. We controlled lurking variables by putting them all into the same temperature. Also, by using the same size of each fruit and the same size of each wrapping. We randomly chose what fruits we were going to use and what wrappings. We left everything in the fridge for exactly a week. We put the fruit in at 7:30 PM Tuesday the 16th and took the fruit out of the fridge at 7:30 PM Tuesday the 23rd. We incorporated the Block Design. We have the same experiment going on with fruit and wrapping, the only difference is it’s broken down into three groups for the three different fruits.

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We used 3 different fruits and 3 different wrappings.
We put all of the fruit (wrapped up) into the refrigerator where the temperature was 37 degrees F.

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Stephanie and I came to the conclusion that Saran wrap keeps fruit preserved the best after sitting for a week. All 3 fruits were best preserved in the saran wrap. They still had the good firm feel and a little juice. The strawberry looked perfect, the apple was a tad dry but not bad and still had its color and the banana was barely brown and had a good form (it wasn’t squishy).The tin foil was second best for the apple and strawberry. They both still had pretty good color. They weren’t real firm like good fruit but they weren’t disgusting and squishy. And for the...
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