Exim Bank

Topics: Bank, Decision making, Cheque Pages: 24 (4534 words) Published: January 28, 2011

Group No.6:

Pham Tuan Ngoc

Tran Phuong Thuy

Dang Huong Lan

Nguyen Binh Minh

Phan Thanh Ngan

Vuong Hoai Nam

Nguyen Huyen Linh

Hoang Xuan Phuong Anh

Nguyen Dinh Thao

Hanoi, September
Content Page

1.Executive summary4

2.Eximbank today4



2.1.2.General Environment6

2.1.3.Resource Dependence theory7


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3.1.1.Contingency factors9

3.1.2.Organizational chart12


3.3.Decision making18

4.Analyzing Eximbank in Management & Organization aspects19



4.1.2.General Environment21

4.1.3.Rate of Change and Complexity of Environment22




4.5.Decision making26


Executive summary

Eximbank is the first commercial bank set up in Vietnam in 1990 and after 18 years of development, the bank has become one of the top 3 in commercial bank network in term of generating benefit and specializing in international payment for corporate in individual.

In this assignment our group will analyze the management and organization of Eximbank. The main theory used is five circles model (Hatch, 1997), following which we will go through Environment, Technology, Organization structure, Culture, Decision making. The assignment will be divided into two parts, first we will provide facts and figures about Eximbank’s following above patterns, then analysis will be given in Part 3, together with suggestion and then followed by the conclusion.

Eximbank today

1 Environment

In modernist perspectives, organizational environments are typically defined by their elements as inter-organizational network, general environment and international environment. Eximbank is a bank under control of State Bank of Vietnam and its major business activities are operated in Vietnam territory so there is no clear impacts of the international environment on Eximbank. Hence, this part describe the facts of inter-organizational network and general environments only.

1 Network

1 Regulatory Agencies

Eximbank which is a joint stock bank was registered and operated in accordance with Vietnam enterprise law so it shall be under management and supervision of Vietnamese Government, Ministry of Finance, the State Bank of Vietnam and several relevant authorities as Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Labour, Invalid and Society, General Department of Taxation, People’s Committees...

2 Customers

Customers of Eximbank include individuals and corporations. For individual customers, Eximbank provides services as savings deposit, payment deposit, lending, forex trading, gold trading, remittance services, and financial services package for overseas study. Corporations can use services of Eximbank as deposit, F/x transaction, international settlement, credit-guarantee, gold trading, money remittance, real state services...

3 Partners

To consolidate its position and harmonize with cooperation tendency of Vietnamese Bank in integration stage, Eximbank has signed cooperation agreements with a number of key partners as followings

- Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank)

- Sumitomo Mitsui Bank (Japan)

- Saigon Jelwery Company

- Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ACB)

- Kinh Do Corporation

- Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex)

- CB Richard Ellis Viet Nam

- Securities Companies

4 Competitors

Among its business activities, international payment and gold trading are core services. Hence, direct competitors of Eximbank shall be...
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