Example of a Single Factor Experiment

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This study aims to determine the effects of treatments on a variable of interest from a fixed effects model, using analysis of variance. It is therefore necessary to select a firm or workplace for the implementation of the experiment and as a first step, define a clear and concise response variable and the factor that affect this variable involved. In addition, you must present an adequate problem statement that specifies all the necessary details to understand what the objectives of the work.

company description
Calzado CMG is a workshop dedicated to the manufacture of footwear, is responsible for designing, manufacturing and distribution of footwear for ladies manufactured from synthetic materials or vinyl fabric at low prices, it began its work in 2002 as a small family business with a reduced physical plant and few employees. Over the years he has worked hard on his products and to increase its production capacity so that currently has a larger facility with a larger team, specializing in the line well-heeled sandals, and achieving enrich the work with new equipment.


The manufacturing process of footwear uses machinery and the process basically is mostly traditional with a very small share of machinery and product development because is based mainly on basic techniques. The process consists of: * Design and material selection: This step creates and develops a model depending on customer needs. Similarly materials are chosen according to consumer preferences.

* Cut parts: This is done by molding according to the extent required to shape the plastic that conform the shoe according the model previously designed

* Assembly: Dubbing, formed and bricks from the cut pieces.

* Lining: Using seams to join the cut parts, bents and with the desired shape.

* Precast: Manufacture or preparation of heels, insoles, foam and other accessories or items needed depending on design. In this case all these components are purchased by other companies is specialized manufacturing.

* Preparing the insole: First the dimpling (foam) is sticks to the insole so the shoe is comfortable to use, then the insole is lined and for last finish around the insole.

* Mounted: Using a mold that serves as a model of a foot to fit each part of the shoe (heel, insole, the top of the shoe formed by cutting parts, etc).

* Soling by bonding: The soles previously purchased, bind to the template completed by a bonding process which is used to heat a stove emitting heat resistance to the sole and the insole, which previously have to be covered uniformly of a special glue (pega-plástico o cemento especial) which was allowed to stand 10 to 20 minutes on each part separately, then passed to the device that gives off heat and leave it there for a time of two minutes, is followed by the manually attached to pressure, without being beaten.

* Paste Heel: In this step, the heel is attached with most of the finished shoe manually.

* Acabado: Se realizan las operaciones finales para la presentación del calzado como: limpieza, cortes de material en exceso, pulido, grabado de sellos o colocación de marquillas.

* Finishing: The final operations are performed for the presentation of the footwear as: cleaning, cutting of excess material, polished, engraved stamps or placement of the brand.


* Roughing cutting machine: It is used to reduce the size or thickness of synthetic materials, various types of slabs made to bend, to sewing and back it, for ornaments, strips etc.

* Máquina de guarnecer plana o de codo: se utiliza para coser las piezas que componen la cabellada del zapato.

* Garrison flat or elbow machine: Used to sew the pieces that make up some parts of the shoe

* Polishing or terminating: Used to polish the shoe sole so that it is bright and excellent quality finish.
* Sealing machine: This...

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