The Process of Knitting Klash: Traditional and Comfortable Kurdish Shoes

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Srur Muhammed
April 6, 2010
The Process of Knitting Klash
In spring most Kurdish males prefer to wear klash with their Kurdish clothes. Love to wearing klash is that they are traditional and comfortable shoes. This type of shoes, which are made in Eastern Kurdistan of Iraq, are made of material and cotton. Knitting it requires some difficult steps; however, people knit it. Knitting a pair of flawless klash needs three prime steps: preparing the sole, knitting the surrounding, and knitting the outer cover.

First of all, begin with preparing the sole of the shoes. Bring a big piece of white material and dye it with blue or blue and red color. After the material is dried, cut them it to small pieces . Gather all the pieces and pound them until you make them one piece. Then Use bulls’ skin to all the pieces together, so it will be tight. Cut the product as a sole of a shoe.

After finishing the sole, move to knit the surrounding of the shoe. The surrounding is consisting of five layers. Knit the first layer with black thread, which is made of goats’ hair. Then knit the other four layers with white thread, which is made of cotton, and hide the first layer with white thread. As you finished the surrounding, you should be ready for the outer cover of the shoe.

Knitting the outer cover is the last step. As you used white cotton thread for the surrounding, use white cotton thread to knit the outer cover too. Knit the front part neatly closely. Unlike the front part, you should use a big type of knitting for the back part decrease the knitting . After all, size the shoes that you produced.

To sum up, arranging the sole, weaving the surrounding, and weaving the outer cover are the main steeps of knitting klash. Despite the fact that making klash, which are Kurdish traditional shoes, needs material, dye, wool thread, and cotton thread, it needs your hard working. If you want to wear an impressive pair of klash in spring with your Kurdish clothes,...
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