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Topics: Philippines, Food chain Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: August 13, 2010
People spend most of their time away from home. Going to school or work, visiting places, doing business transactions and even hanging out are just some inevitable reasons for this kind of lifestyle. The Hospitality Industry figured out a way to cater to the needs of the people, thus, food establishments, lodging establishments and other service-related businesses grew and boom all throughout the world. Small scale to large scale businesses accommodates the different levels of society so that even the lowest rank of society can be satisfied. As part of the Industry, food establishments made people’s life easier. Rather than going back home to eat, they can just go to the nearest fine restaurant or a fast food chain and save up some travel money. People can even choose what kind of food they want depending on their budget since there are a variety of establishments around. In the Philippines, food establishments are everywhere. With several businesses around, the competition is really tight. SM, started by Henry Sy, was one of the businesses that made an impact to the Filipino people. Inside the said mall, there are varieties of food establishments that sell almost the same products and services. Examples of these are the pizza parlors in SM. The difference between pizza parlors and fast food chains is their main product. Fast food chains have different major products while pizza parlors’ heart is pizza. The aforementioned instance prompted the researchers to conduct a research on the different marketing strategies of pizza establishments at SM Fairview Q.C.
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