Marketing Plan of a Pizza House

Topics: Marketing, Pizza, Target market Pages: 15 (3347 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Marketing Plan of a pizza parlor THE PIZZA OVEN.
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|Contents |Page No. | |Executive Summary |3 | |Objectives |4 | |Current Market Situation |4 | |Market Description |4 | |Product Review |5 | |Competitive Review |6 | |Distribution Review |6 | |SWOT Analysis |6-9 | |Objectives and Issues |9-10 | |Marketing Strategy |10-11 | |Positioning |11 | |Product Strategy |11-12 | |Pricing Strategy |12 | |Distribution Strategy |12 | |Market Communication Strategy |12-13 | |Marketing Research |13 | |Action Programs |13 | |Cost Analysis/Expense and Sales revenue |14-15 | |Break-even Analysis |15-16 | |Controls |16 | |Conclusion |16 |

Executive Summary:

Pizza is one of the most popular food items mainly among the youths. But there are certain problems regarding the different outlets in Dhaka that provide pizza. Most of the established outlets that serve pizza but maintain quality but also charge a high price. Since the young university students love pizza it falls hard on their budget to visit these outlets often. On the other hand there is a large portion of the middle class and upper middle class population who love spicy food items. We also want to attend to these customers by using different recipes using local spices and mixing different “Deshi” recipes. We are targeting these two specific segments in the consumers, taking advantage of opportunities indicated by enough demand for pizza. We hope to do this by proving high quality...
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