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Legends are forever
Melvin Johnson
ENGL125-1103B-18: Real World Writing
IP 5
17 September 2011

Legends are forever

We are losing two thousand WWII Veterans a day. Once they are gone so are their stories. Unless we keep their memories alive, that’s what he started the Armed Forces Museum of Saint Louis. That’s what the members are trying to do today. This was Carol Venable’s dream; he was very interested in the United States Military during WWII. That’s why he wanted to keep their memories alive. He knew a lot about it from which way the soldiers to wear their covers (hat) to the serial number on General Patton’s ivory handled gun. Carol’s wife Mildred was so interested she became his first secretary and managed to raise their four children. Carol wanted to go in the Military but he had polio and couldn’t get in he was using crutches then. So he joined the Air Force Auxiliary he liked it so much he was in it until he retired after forty years. All that knew him would call him Cap short for Captain. Carol worked at Mac Donald Douglas (now called Boeing) they assemble military and civilian aircraft for thirty years after retiring. His polio was getting to him but that didn’t slow him and he never complained. Carol started the museum in South Saint Louis with one jeep in his back yard it was a WWII M38 he had bought himself. Captain Carol Venable started telling his fellow co-workers and friends about his dreams of starting a military museum. It really caught on fast because most of who gave money or volunteered or both were volunteered were WWII Veterans. He got his first one hundred dollars from a fellow co-worker and veterans. Others followed and even one of his lifelong friends (Dale) not only gave money and joined him went out and bought a WWII Willy’s Navy Jeep and put it on loan with the museum. Word was spreading fast and Carol’s co-workers were telling their friends. They were all looking for WWII military vehicles, uniforms or any memorabilia that pertained to that era military or civilian. Some had to go as far as Indiana or Kansas or as close as Missouri to get memorabilia. One member Kevin bought a WWII Stuart Tank. He wanted to be part of the museum but there was no room. Captain Knew he had to find a building big enough to store what he had and start displaying the artifacts that was donated. The museum had a collection of three jeeps a Bantam, Willy’s and Ford they were the only three prototype jeeps together in the United States there was other Military jeeps and trucks, even we had a Cobra Helicopter. An empty warehouse became available on Melvin Price Army depot in Granite City, Illinois. Captain Venable and the other members moved into it. It was then that the members knew it was time to change the name of the museum. It was then that the new name was The Armed Forces Museum of Saint Louis. By now the members were one hundred and fifty strong and growing and donations were coming in faster than Captain Venable could keep up. So now a committee was appointed President, Vice President Corresponding secretary, recording secretary, and Treasurer. The public wanted the Museum to put their Vehicles in their parades, just display them at their events. There was a 1938 Armored Scout Car, Halftracks, five ton trucks, Duce-n-half truck, a half ton truck, uniforms a 1908 Cannon, and a WWII Hollister cannon. Captain Venable’s polio was getting bad, now he was in a wheel chair. Even though he was in a wheel chair that didn’t slow him down he asked some of his members to start a WWII reenactment event it’s not to glorify War. The Germans and Russians against the Americans each country has their own WWII authentic military transportation weapons, but shot blanks. It would be held at Jefferson Barrack’s (It is a Veterans Hospital in Saint Louis) there’s a park and a field with trees around it for it is still held today with bigger crowds and the media covers it every year. They have food...

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9 September 2011
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