Example Fire And Emergency Evacuation P

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Example Fire and Emergency Evacuation plan
(This is only an example. If you wish to use this document please amend and complete in relation to your own premises/procedures)


(Premises Name)

Emergency instructions

The action employees should take if they discover a fire

Immediately operate the nearest alarm call-point.

Attack the fire if possible, with appliances available, without taking personal risks.

How will people be warned in there is a fire

The electrical fire alarm system will sound on operation of the manually operated alarm call-point.

How the evacuation of the building will be carried out

Everyone in the building should leave the building by the nearest exit and report to the assembly point at the front of the building.

Identification of escape routes

All exit doors can be used as escape routes.

The staircase and routes leading to the front door are protected routes.

Fire fighting equipment provided

Fire extinguishers are located in circulation areas and near fire exit doors.

Duties and identity of employees with specific responsibilities in the event of fire.

On hearing the alarm:

All staff will usher visitors out of the building and assemble at the muster point.

Fire wardens will ensure:

Their areas are cleared of people

Registers are collected on the way out

The Fire Brigade is called.

A roll call is made to ensure everyone is out.

Arrangements for the safe evacuation of people identified as being especially at risk, such as contractors, those with disabilities, members of the public and visitors.

Visitors: The host / employee must take responsibility for any visitor they may have and ensure they leave the building by the nearest exit. Contractors: must be given information about fire procedures and leave the building at the nearest exit. People with disabilities: Specific arrangements...
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