employee and employer rights and responsibilities

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Employers Right

Employer responsibilities
The Employer has the responsibilities of provide public liability insurance, safe workplace, appropriate training, observe employees contract and procedures to protect relationship with employees. Observe employment law and codes of practice and duty of care to employees. Adhere to EU directives.

The employers have the responsibility to meet all the terms of the contracts and notify employees of any changes within one month of these being made, allow employees to join a trade union or staff association and allow employees access to confidential records kept about them. The employer have the responsibilities to give them the opportunity to participate in and be consulted on company matters that would directly after them, never ask an employee to do anything that is illegal, treat them reasonably. Anyone who is confident that there is an emergency situation need to be calling emergency services and inform the Director/ senior Manager in Administration that they have done. An emergency could be when occurs any event of a disturbance on the street or an uncontrolled disturbance in the Campus. Also when the fire alarm does continuous evacuation signal and heard for over a minute.

Employee responsibilities
Staff, students and visitors are not allowed to smoke in the Campus because fire or smell of burning will be detected. An ambulance Emergency could be someone that had a serious accident in the Campus or Streets, when an individual is clearly in serious distress or on the advice of a first aider. Tutors have the responsibilities for ensure that students under their control leave the building and go directly to the assembly area. Fire wardens and others staff have the responsibility to walk their floor to ensure that there is no body remaining within their area (including toilets and any area not directly in view). When a Staff or students cannot attend the Campus they should call the absent line and inform the reasons of your absence. The Campus appointed Security Contractors are responsible for ensure that only authorised persons enter Campus site, ensure that only authorised vehicles enter the Campus They must comply with all statutory employment law and regulations and notice required 2 months before to terminate the contract. If the employee contract is not permanent, the length of time for which employment will continue or, if it is for a fixed term, the employer must put the date when it will end in the contract. All employees must comply with legitimate instructions, procedures and codes of conduct. All employees should be aware that the school/council exists primarily to serve the public and should be courteous to the public at all times. Employees have the responsibilities of do their job follow the terms and condition of the contract, Uphold the business aims and objectives, they must follow the business rules, they need to wear appropriate clothing, respecting facilities and equipment, and they need to respect other staff, customers and visitors. Employees must not unlawfully discriminate, nor discriminate in contravention of the school’s Council’s policy, against any person with whom they come into contact in carrying out their work, e.g. on the grounds of race, religions, sex, disability, sexuality. This rule applies equally to harassment and victimisation. Employees must carry out their duties in a conscientious manner, and must not wilfully neglect their duties nor cause any waste of time or productive. Employees must not take control over the financial affairs of anyone either employed or connected with the school/Council in any way, such as acquiring Power of Attorney unless specifically authorised by the head teacher. Unless specifically authorised by the headteacher, employees must not seek to obtain or accept loans of any kind (monies or articles) from clients or contractors with whom the employee...
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