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Topics: Customer service, Sales, Customer relationship management Pages: 6 (969 words) Published: September 1, 2011
1.The three major types of communication are:

A. Written, verbal, and non-verbal.
B. Verbal, formal documentation, informal documentation.
C. Verbal, written, and graphic.
D. Verbal, written, and electronic.

2.Which of the following are outputs from the Communications Planning process?

A. Project records
B. Communications management plan
C. Performance reports
D. Formal acceptance

3.Herzberg identified factors, which, if present, will lead to increased motivation. A typical factor would be:

A. Good supervision
B. Job security
C. Regular promotions
D. Good salary

4. With on the job training, employees receive training whilst remaining in the workplace. Which of the below not the main methods of one-the-job training:

A. Coaching
B. Projects
C. Job rotation
D. Sandwich courses

5.All activities involved in selling products and services to the ultimate or final consumer are part of the activity of:


6.Which of the following is not a major objective of retail communication?

A. Inform
B. Sponsor
C. Persuade
D. Remind

7.Sales people engage in ……….. are not expected or permitted to take an order but only build goodwill or educate buyers.

A. order getters
B. creative selling
C. hard pressure selling
D. missionary selling

8.…………… is identified as non-personal, paid messages disseminated by an identified sponsor through mass media to promote the adoption of goods and services.

A. Personal selling
B. Advertising
C.Sales promotion
D. Public relations

9.The process by which the receiver assigns meaning to the symbols encoded by the sender is:

A. encoding
B. decoding
C. assigning
D. communicating

10. As a project manager, which of the following tools will you consider for managing stakeholder expectations?

A. Communication requirement analysis and communication technology B. Communication methods and people skills
C. Status review meetings and time reporting systems D. Lesson learned process and communication skills

11. You are working at a grocery store in the deli. Every Sunday afternoon an elderly woman comes in and asks for the same order every week. You have seen her for months and she is very friendly to you. The next time you see her, you:

A. Look at her in annoyance and say "what do you want?"
B. Just look at her, take her order, and walk away.
C. Tell her how you remember seeing her in here every week. Ask her how she is and just talk to her for a long time. You kind of spend a while talking to her and disregard other customers. D. Ask her if she would like her usual order. You have a small conversation with her and every time after that.

12. Later in the day at the grocery store a customer comes in and starts yelling about how one of the workers hit their car with a cart in the parking lot. You:

A. Tell the customer that you are really sorry and that you will get the manager right away to help them come up with a solution. You go get the manager and they fix the problem. B. Say "Yeah that happens sometimes. I'll get the manager" C. Say "I'm sure its not that bad, what do you want us to do?" D. Say nothing. You just walk away and go get the manager

13.The best reward for your customer service representatives is: A. Earplugs and punching bags
B. Valium or other mind-numbing drugs
C. Recognition and appreciation on your part
D. Anger management seminars
14.   CRM stands for:
A. Customers Rarely Matter
B. Communicating Random Meaning
C. Customers Rudimentarily Managed
D. Customer...
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