Interview with Small Business (Memo)

Topics: Employment, Psychology, Management Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Interview with Beyond Ergonomics/Job Posting for Small Business Tresa Milton
University of Phoenix
Annette Williams
April 16, 2012

TO: Dr. Annette Williams
FROM: Tresa Milton
DATE: April 16, 2012
SUBJECT: Interview with a Small Business Owner

Description of the Organization
Beyond Ergonomics, partners with leaders of organizations by providing consulting and training services to management teams through effective team building. There focus is on teamwork and team building seeing that it has a dramatic affect on organizational outcomes. They believe imperatively that leaders are competent on how to efficiently train new team members (new hires), be able to articulate the organizational vision, identify motivators for productive employees, and implement efficient goal setting. Strategic development of teams, roles, responsibilities, structure, and the skills for conflict resolution can all contribute or hinder growth and efficient operation of their organizations. They have indicated that the above factor have had an impact on whether their organization met their goals, effectively and efficiently. Determine the Need to Create a Job

It was exclaimed that the Herzberg Theory is applied when choosing to create new job position within the organization. The Herzberg Theory says that there is a need for balance between internal and external motivators in an organization. (Herzberg, 1965). The organization is assessed every two years by upper management of the organization. The focus is geared around whether or not certain needs of the employees are being meet. These needs would consist of things such as pay, security, working conditions, and work schedule. Additional motivators such as making sure that the employees are being challenged, stimulated, have the ability to be independent, given enough responsibilities and variety. According to the theory that is being followed to build this organization, when these things are not in...
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