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PDHPE- McDonalds assessment Marketing strategies

1. Loose change menu- McDonalds have created a menu consisting of meals no more expensive than two dollars (loose change) which attracts customers with small amounts of money on them ie students key phrase used by McDonalds is: ‘ A little loose change, goes a long way’. This marketing strategy is aimed at budget-focused customers aged between 14 - 25

2. Coca-Cola crown glass- McDonalds have release six limited edition Coca-Cola glasses which a customer can receive after the purchase of any large extra value meal. The six glasses are only around for a limited time which gives the public an incentive to purchase a meal to collect as many limited edition glasses as possible. Key phrase: Hurry there only available for a limited time. This marketing techniques is aimed at all customers aged between 20 - 40

2. Cheap easy Birthday parties- Birthday parties at McDonalds are extremely popular for kids aged between five and ten. There are three relatively cheap oackages and attractive to parents who want an easy alternative for their childs party. McDonalds describe the preparation their birthday parties as care free for parents and that all they have to do is enjoy the atmosphere. Key phrase: ‘We give your child a birthday party to remember!’

3. Big mac chant- McDonalds have a competition that asks you to film yourself singing the big mac chant. By voting for a chant you receive a free Big mac.This gives customers the incentive to vote and receive a free big mac at the same time its a big add for the big mac. Key phrase ‘get voting now‘ Utlising social media to spread their message virallly.

part 2:

1) On the McDonalds website there is a section called our food and our nutrition, on the page it describes the healthy changes and alternatives McDonald’s have made to their meals.

This has been used to inform the public of the healthy meals that are available at McDonalds. No I...
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