Super size me

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Eating Pages: 2 (266 words) Published: April 23, 2014
Supersize Me
Supersize Me is an investigative documentary that shows us the reality of many people around the world, particularly from United States. The current environment has been taken over for service centers that offer fast food, and this, together with the sedentary life of their society, shows the reality of increasing rates of obesity in recent times. This remarkable addition has overtaken the cancer and has become the leading cause of death related to obesity in the United States. Fast food service centers like McDonalds claim to have healthy food in their products, however there is relevant evidence which shows why their food is harmful, because in the documentary clearly shows that only two restaurants had newsletters with nutritional information. Over 14 billions of dollars is spent on fast food advertising, while the increase of healthy consumption of fruits and vegetables barely reaches two billion in publicity, alarming statistics certainly have made their presents in homes in a negative way for children’s nutrition. In conclusion, I think that it should be emphasize healthy education about eating habits; It is important that children receive nutritional advices of that; also an adult can even enjoy a balanced, delicious food. In fact, be aware of our “fat food” is fundamental. This means that if an adult diet is well and balanced, he or she can teach their children to be healthy. Instead of people eat anything as fast food, it is recommended to cook at home, because this kind of food is reduced in fats and has several types of proteins and other vitamins useful for human body.
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