Evil and Passage
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Part I Focused Style Analysis
1. "And I guess a man's importance in the world can be measured by the quality and number of his glories. It is a lonely thing but it relates us to the world. It is the mother of all creativeness, and it sets each man separate from all other men." (130)
This passage struck me by the way it shows how men were placed on the social ladder for the actions they had taken in their lives. Steinbeck made this passage vague so that the reader was able to relate it to their own lives. This passage also stood out from the others because of the meaning it has.
2. "And when she delicately sensed that near approach of insane, punishing rage, she sat in his lap and soothed him and made him believe for a moment in her innocence. She could convince him(93)."
This passage stood out from the others with the irony laced within it. The irony shows when Catherine would begin to grow angry with Mr. Edwards. When this occured, she would act sweet like nothing was wrong to prevent him from sensing it. The irony in this pasage stood out because it shows how an evil person can appear innocent.
3. "I remember the five-fingered ferns growing under little waterfalls...And I remember the smell of the hills... I remember the sweeping loveky dance of high buzzards... I remember holding the bite of a line....(279-280)
The style in this passage made me read it many times over. The anaphora at the beginning of each sentence stood out and captured the details written within. This passage had many descriptive details of how Steinback is remembering his childhood and the relationship with his uncle Tom.
4. "Lee smiled. "'My father said that she was a strong woman, and I believe a strong woman may be stronger than a man, particularly if she happens to have love in her heart. I guess a loving woman is almost indestuctible (354)."'
This one one of my favorite passages in the entire book. It had a much deeper meaning than just these words. It made me really think

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