East Of Eden Chapter 28 Formal Outline

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East of Eden Chapter 28 – The Story of Lee, an Appreciation

I.Steinbeck’s purpose for Chapter 28 is to tell a story and explain to the reader the importance of a parent and the honesty they provide. Most of the chapter is told in first person by Lee who uses educated and standard language to recount his dark beginning and the unfortunate fate of his mother.

II.In Chapter 28 of John Steinbeck’s East of Eden, Lee is a communication of the ongoing thought that lies are the root of distrust and the power of bigotry upon a race of people.

III.The explanation of just how detached Adam has consistently been over the years of his twins development into young men.

A.The shock and delight of the twins receiving the attention of their father is evident in the way that Steinbeck points out that they were never to tell him of any thoughts, ideas, let alone “their needs”(721) as children.

B.These children have grown up with the idea that an absent mother, and almost as absent father is the normal. Accentuating the sadness of the scenario is the fact that they are thrilled he is paying them the slightest attention

C.Rejection at an early age leads to distortion of character, and this is something that is patterned amongst many characters across the work.

IV.Lee portrays the father role and man of the house without claiming any credit.

A.Lee reared these boys with perfect discipline and teaching “but had also given them a respect for their father”(719)

B.Steinbeck is displaying the humility of Lee, and the aptitude he has at not only rearing these children but instilling respect for a man that doesn’t deserve it.

C.This is a wonderful instance in the novel in which a man of different creed, and class can be more happy, apt, and educated then one loaded with wealth and considered his superior, driving home...
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