Evidence Based Nursing Practice

Topics: Nursing, Qualitative research, Quantitative research Pages: 4 (1093 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Evidence Based Nursing Practice
Shallie V Witt, RN, COHN
Submitted to Jo Ann Wegmann, RN, PhD. in partial fulfillment of NR 460R Evidenced Based Practice
Regis University

Evidence Based Nursing Practice
The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of Evidence Based Research (EBR) on nursing practice. Included in the review will be research examples as related to the author’s field of practice in occupational health, both qualitative and quantitative. Also reviewed will be a brief discussion on barriers to the use of EBR and possible interventions to overcome those barriers. Importance of Evidenced Based Research

In 2002 Brown gave a definition of Evidence Based Practice (EBP) as “professional understanding and action that is based on the thoughtful use of knowledge and information from available, reliable, and dependent sources.” In 2008 Houser gave a further definition to EBP as the balance of clinical experience, proven evidence from scientific studies with patient input. This input from patients will incorporate their values, preferences, and systems influence. Evidence Based Practice is a fluent process that requires nursing professionals to be current and correct on information as it pertains to their daily practice. Regardless of who defines EBP, the intent is to ultimately improve quality of the care that is delivered to the client. Today’s consumers of health care have increased access to information via public sources. This increased knowledge, whether it is correct or incorrect, is a motivating factor for nursing professionals to have current and correct information available when working with clients in making health care decisions. The consumer’s increased information access in conjunction with the increasing demand for quality cost effective health care from third party pay sources are some driving forces for the promotion of EBP (Salmond, 2007). Healthcare professionals, especially nurses are the touch point of health care...
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