Events - Impacts and Legacies

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Events: An Introduction

The Event Manager has to foresee all the impacts that events can have, both positive and negative. They must tackle these negative impacts and turn them around. This can be done through awareness and intervention as early as possible. The Events Manager must be very organised, a good planner and communicate effectively with the community and stake holders. They must also keep tight control of the budget. Overall, they must balance the good with the bad so as to achieve the best outcome for all involved.

The major impacts that events have on their stakeholders and host communities are that they could be a catalyst for urban renewal or for the creation of a new tourism infrastructure. New jobs can be created, giving the communities a new lease of life and prospects.

Social and Cultural: All events have a direct social and cultural impact on their participants and sometimes the wider communities. A shared experience can be a positive impact an event can have on its participants. Other positive social and cultural impacts can be revitalisation of traditions, the building of community pride and increased community participation. Communication with the local community is vital as the impact upon them could turn to a negative if not addressed correctly. The alienation of the community and negative community image are negative impacts, so getting the community on board from the start by offering incentives, hearing their issues, compromising and planning for problems can turn these into a positive.

Physical and Environmental: Positive impacts of physical and environmental can be the showcasing of the environment (the unique characteristics) and increasing environmental awareness. The event manager should carefully consider the likely impact of the environment. Major issues may include wear and tear on the natural and physical environment, heritage protection and disruption of the local community. Again, the events manager should...
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