Unit 18 - managing a business event

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Managing a Business
Rebecca Martin – 142786
Unit 18 – Task 1
Criterion Reference – P1, P2, M1

In this PowerPoint I will be describing the role of an event organiser and what skills are needed to run and plan a successful event. An overview of the importance of following organisational and legal procedures when organising and event will also be given with an explanation of how these procedures can affect the planning of an event.

The Role of an Event Organiser
An event organiser is responsible for the production and management of an event from conception through to completion. There are many activities in which the event organiser will have to fulfil such as: 

Liaising with clients in order to gain their needs and wants for the event

Produce, agree and manage a budget for the event

Select, book and manage the venue of the event

Marketing and promoting the event

Ensure that all insurance, legal and health and safety obligations are being adhere to

Skills for Success
An event organiser needs to have many skills in order to successfully plan and run an event. They need good project management skills, such as;

Clear and concise communication

Excellent organisational skills

Attention to detail

Know how to motivate people

Understanding of the customers and stakeholders

Be assertive

Understand specific planning tools (Gantt charts, risk assessments)

Understand logistics (room layouts, capacity)

Problem solving

Excellent monitoring and evaluating skills

Importance of following
organisational procedures
What are organisational procedures?

A confidentiality policy

How to book

Marketing approval

How much notice is to be given to cancel

Whether there is a cancellation fee

How much deposit is required

Clearing at the close of the event

Importance of following legal
What are the legal procedures?

The Data Protection Act 1998

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Verbal and Written contracts

Public liability insurance

Employers liability insurance

Equipment cover – safety checked

How do following these procedures
affect the planning of an event
The following organisation and legal procedures affect the planning of an event as these must be adhered to in order for the event to take place. When planning the event, the event organiser has to make sure they plan in advance, as some venues will have t be booked in good time in order for the event to take place on the day requested by the sponsor or client. The event organiser has to confirm that they have followed the legal procedures by corresponding with the venue. This then will allow for the event to take place.

On the day of the event , the event organiser will have to arrive at the venue in good time in order to monitor the deliveries from the suppliers and check that what they have asked for is all present and correct.

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