Event Promotion Plan

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2315HSL – Event Marketing and Sponsorship
YEEHAH EVENTS Bathurst Motor Festival
Event Promotion Plan

Executive SummaryThe Bathurst Motor Festival is in its second year, it was originally started in 2006 as the Bathurst International Motor Festival, however it has gone through three name changes and is back up and running and beginning to build a real name and reputation for itself. Although in the two years that the re-furbished event has been run (2011 and 2012) the event has achieved a substantial rise in race car entrances therefore meaning that the event is growing in size. In 2012 the event will be held from the 6-8 April, with a projected outcome of 10,000 patrons to inundate the Mt Panorama Race Track over the three day event. The festival is run by James O’Brien’s company Yeehah Events PTY LTD., James’s business is a single entity run company and therefore does not have most of the problems that corporations face. However, Yeehah Events face many problems of their own. The fact that the company is a run by a single person with subcontracted businesses means that the company is not able to take on too much and therefore the event is only limited to somewhat of a minor event (when compared to the V8’s). However, the company being run by James O’Brien only means that each event receives a personal touch, and considering the event is a unique event in Australia means that more people will want to attend it. The demographics to the event are race followers, families and older historic fans,. These audiences make up the vast majority of the target audience and it is to these people that the marketing ploys need to speak to. However because they are all vastly different it can be difficult to market to each audience. Because the objective of the company is to expand the event and raise the attendance rate, the marketing ploys must reciprocate this business objective and allow the outcome of a raised attendance. The marketing strategies include: 20 Television advertisements which will be broadcasted eight weeks before the event starts in the New South Wales Region, Flyers which will be distributed from all sporting outlets in NSW, and social media campaigns such as Facebook and the creation of a website. The allocated marketing budget for the event is $20,500 which was received from the sponsors: Bathurst Regional Council, ELF, VB, Coca0Cola, Kraft Foods, Panthers Bathurst and Rydges. The official cause of the event is Legacy whom will be collecting non-compulsory donations as the entry fee to the event. The Marketing strategies cost a total of $12,375 which leaves $8,125. The main evaluation technique will be competed using a survey which will be done upon entry to the event, which will mean that Yeehah Events will obtain an attendance number, geographical region from which the patron travel and a general idea of the demographic to which patrons belong so as to market the event to both existing and potential audiences. Table of Contents

TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1 Event Information PAGEREF _Toc321234464 \h 42 Assessment of the Market Environment PAGEREF _Toc321234465 \h 52.1 Internal Analysis – Strengths and Weaknesses PAGEREF _Toc321234466 \h 52.2 External Analysis – Opportunities and Threats PAGEREF _Toc321234467 \h 52.3 SWOT Analysis PAGEREF _Toc321234468 \h 63 Target Market PAGEREF _Toc321234469 \h 73.1 Primary Target Market PAGEREF _Toc321234470 \h 73.2 Secondary Target Market PAGEREF _Toc321234471 \h 73.3 Tertiary Target Market PAGEREF _Toc321234472 \h 74 Objectives PAGEREF _Toc321234473 \h 84.1 Business Objective PAGEREF _Toc321234474 \h 84.2 Marketing Objectives PAGEREF _Toc321234475 \h 85 Marketing Strategies PAGEREF _Toc321234476 \h 96 Action Plan PAGEREF _Toc321234477 \h 107 Marketing Budget PAGEREF _Toc321234478 \h 118 Monitoring and Evaluation PAGEREF _Toc321234479 \h 129 References PAGEREF _Toc321234480 \h 13

1 Event InformationThe Bathurst Motor Festival (BMF) is held during the...

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