Need for Speed: Nascar vs. Formula One.

Topics: Formula One, NASCAR, Auto racing / Pages: 3 (705 words) / Published: Nov 2nd, 2012
Need for Speed: Nascar vs. Formula One. Nascar (National Association for Stock Car Racing) is a world apart from Formula One. Both are exceedingly popular, yet they lie at diverse ends of the motor sports spectrum. Most people who have an obsession with cars and racing may know about Nascar and Formula One, the two most respected names in motorsports today. At first glance, Nascar and Formula One seem very similar; however, a closer look reveals many differences such as aerodynamics, mechanical caliber, speed and horsepower, race tracks, fan base, and histories. Auto racing is a popular, fast paced sport. Nascar and Formula One draw large audiences on television, radio and at live events. Spectators are drawn by the danger, speed, competition, and displays of automotive machinery and the drivers behind the steering wheels. However, Nascar and Formula One are separated in numerous ways. The car chassis style is so different that they conduct races in notably different ways and the organizational rules that they must follow, makes for a different driving experience. Formula One vehicles depend so much on aerodynamics, passing other cars on the track is not a main part of the Formula One racing strategy. Formula One races aim to be fast, but the cars do not change positions, very often. Nascar, on the other hand, rely on passing other cars on the track, to run and win the races. While Formula One may have too little passing abilities, Nascar may suffer from too much of it. Furthermore, bumping or trading paint, is against the rules in Formula One but is warranted in Nascar. Consider the differences in mechanical caliber. Formula One vehicles are intensely high tech. They are built on light weight chassis (about 1400lbs) they have high powered engines, and use special electronic devices such as, traction control and employ high tech aerodynamics to improve speeds. Nascar cars, in

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