Event Planning

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9th Sep., 2013 Peng Zhang

The chapter 3 of Allen`s Chapter talk about the communication objectives and targeting issues. As the starting point of event planning, the second step is setting communication objectives based on situation analysis and fit with corporate and market objectives. While setting a communication objective, planner could use some tools such as gap analysis and Ansoff matrix within the SMART rules; meanwhile, the objective should follow the communication theory. After that, planner should try to determine and describe target audiences in order to segment these targets. At last, the author segments the target in different lights: individual and decision-making unit, reference groups and opinion leaders etc. Therefore the event planner should take the most appropriate method, media and message to communicate with each group.
In the event planning, the author provides some method to manage the information and timing. The author emphasize the important of task controlling—critical path, and provide two tools for event managing—function sheets and contact sheets. As the event planning is a time & detail sensitive matter, it is better to summarize and map the whole path through charting.
Experience application
When I worked in BBDO china, I have participated in the launch event of MINI JOHN COOPER WORKS (JCW). As the most performance in MINI vehicle family, MINI wishes to promote the JOHN COOPER WORKS as the highest class which is similar as BMW M1, which could fill in the gap of marketplace for MINI; meanwhile, because the stereotype to MINI`s driver (MINI always be regard as a female car in china), MINI hope to extend the target market to male group.
Therefore, the corporate objective of MINI JCW is to fill in the gap of high class level; the market objective is “high class, high price, high performance” with extending the potential target consumer. For the communication objective, BBDO use research tools to check with

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