event marketing strategy

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Event marketing strategy

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This event is held by the D & G refreshment company, and the aim of this is to promote its new drink brand JUSSY that has just entered the market. The proposed event will include athletics sponsorship as well as invitation of celebrities to perform during the function. During the occasion, all people wishing to join will be required to purchase a bottle of our new drink, “JUSSY.” Moreover, the participants for the race and other events will be issued with t-shirts branded “JUSSY THE BEST REFRESHMENT.” The promotion is to create awareness of the product brand and make it penetrate the market effectively. Additionally, through this event, the company intends to position this brand in such a manner that it will attract the desired audience. The performance by the artists and celebrities will be aimed at ensuring that the product awareness in terms of tastes and preferences is created and the desired customers attracted towards purchasing of the products. The marketing mix

The marketing mix for this particular function will include the 4ps concepts, which takes into consideration the price, the product, promotion and the place1. Thus, for this event to be successful, the product price was made affordable and the locals within the region as well as the attendants would be best positioned to make purchase of at least a bottle each. Price of a product vis a vis its quality largely determines the customer’s levels of satisfaction and willingness to buy the product. It is therefore imperative that the product be of reasonable price. The product was also a new brand, and the event sought to create awareness of its improved features. The product has been introduced in a timely manner and in a function that will match the purpose of the drink. The promotion strategy takes into account a number of activities aimed at ensuring that the product is well positioned in the market. For instance, rewarding the participants courtesy of the product name and qualities enhances its marketability. As well, making it the entry pass is a way of popularizing the brand and making people to have a feeling of its unique taste. Defining the market

The refreshment market has a large number of competitors and each is competing for a market segment. Most of these competitors have various brands, which make them compete effectively in the market. Our organization must therefore implement the best strategies that will make it merge successful in all its undertakings. To capture a large market share, we have divided the market into various segments; these are in terms of age as well as tastes and preferences2. The main consumers for our products include children, teenagers and adults especially those who actively involved in sporting activities. Sponsoring an event of this type will provide an opportunity for the company to advertise its products and the new brand effectively. The crowds that will be attracted to this event majorly include the targeted group, which involves the children, the teenagers and a few adults. Through this event, the business will attract the largest number of people and this group will offer perfect ground for the marketing process. As well, making a bottle of our refreshment drink a gate pass would ensure great profits as well as a taste for each person who will attend. The sponsorship of athletes and provision of awards using the brand name will equally be a milestone towards achievement of market goals. Objectives

The main objective of hosting the event will be to create awareness of the existence of the brand in the market. This will be achieved by ensuring that every participant holds a bottle of JUSSTY drink. The other objective is to promote product description and lay emphasis on the added values and qualities that makes it unique. These will be commentated by the master of ceremony who will be...
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