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Evaluating Teachers

By pmtran96 Feb 25, 2013 380 Words
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers.

Many schools in the world have recently been asking their students to evaluate their teachers, which is now a hotly debated issue. Some people agree with this kind of action; however others may think this is unethical. In my point of view, this requirement for students should be applied in every school, for its two main benefits: improve the quality of teaching and the relationship between teachers and students.

There are many ways for schools to ensure that their teachers are well-qualified, and allowing the students to evaluate their teachers is one of those. By the evaluation the students make, the leaders of a school will be able to know if the applied methods of teaching are suitable or not. Specifically, if a student likes a teacher, he would strongly praise him and excitedly recommend that teacher to others. By observing the attitude and the words of this student, the principal will know that he is a good teacher, and his methods of teaching should be learned by other ones. Therefore, letting students evaluate their teachers is a good way to test and improve their qualities.

Requiring students to evaluate their teachers helps the leaders of the schools not only to scrutinize the qualities of teaching but also to know more about the relationship between teachers and students. By judging from the students’ comments on their teachers, the leaders of a school will be aware of how the students feel about their teachers. For instance, when a student complains about how a teacher treats him and his friends in a class, the principal will know more about the social life of that teacher; therefore he can help the teacher to improve it. So, allowing the students to evaluate their teachers brings about one more benefit: inform the leaders of the school of the real relationship between teachers and students.

To sum up, schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers on account of two main utilities: making teaching methods and social life in schools better. Hence, every school should take this issue into careful consideration to develop not only the quality of study and teaching, but also the quality of communication.

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