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Topics: Language acquisition, Teaching English as a foreign language, Linguistics Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: October 4, 2011
Assessments ELL
Krystine M. Ngo
Grand Canyon University
ESL-223N SEI English Language Teaching: Foundations & Methodologies September 22, 2011

ELL Assessments

Assessment is a valuable tool to measure students learning and achievement. It is an essential element for teacher to reflect on what and how they teach. To assess students is to collect evidence of their learning. Teachers use the information to modify their lesson plans and adjust their instructional methods; students need feedback on their performance to concentrate on their vulnerable areas. Assessment is necessary for parents to reinforce their children strength and assist them where extra attention is required. The data collected will inform school administration the parts of improvement that both teachers and students needed and for the state and federal levels, as is important to determine if additional funding is necessary to assist students in their learning and achievement.

To provide the suitable service and achieve optimal result, teachers and administrators must identify their ELL students and place them in classroom that best fit with their abilities. In an interview conducted with Miss Fabiaschi, an academic dean at a charter school in my district, she said that at her school parents are providing information on home language on the application. Then they use the CELDT (California English Language Development Test) to determine which level of English proficiency for their students. She added, there are two types of ELLs, the new enrollments, which are kindergartens who enroll in school for the first time or students of higher grade levels who transferred from different schools, districts, or states; and the second type are the returning ELL students.

The CELDT is a requirement of the California Department of Education. Students from kindergarten to 12th grade whose speak a different language at home are required to take this test and the school using their scores to...

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